We aim for this work to be meaningful, engaging and at a level children can work independently.

Maunga Students will receive their work through their school gmail accounts. Most students can do this independently, but there could be teething trouble logging in on home devices. Please check with your child that they are able to access their Google drive. Check the troubleshooting page for the most obvious issues to try.

Teachers will use a combination of gmail, Hapara and Google Drive to share documents and activities and may use This is not new for most students, and will feel pretty natural.

Students may email each other, especially about school work. They may share work and even collaborate on activities and documents. We are happy for them to communicate with friends using their school email addresses to to just keep in touch. We think keeping in touch is important.

This term we have activated video conferencing for students using a controlled version of Hangouts Meet. Either through, of the Hangouts Meet App on phone or tablet.

We can't filter your home internet access like we can here at school but you can. Go to and follow the instructions for any device the students may be using.

Ensuring children are logged in to their school account does ensure google safe search and strict filtering of you tube. But that is all. Please support your child by supervising their online activities, because we don't have that ability by distance.

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