Enrolling at Nayland Primary

We are a moderate sized primary school of 400 students. We strive to have a close "family feeling" within the school. We want our students to feel secure and happy at school and our parents to quickly become part of the school community, feeling as much at home here as the children do.

At Nayland Primary we run a cohort entry programme for children starting school for the first time. This means children will begin school at the beginning of the term following their 5th birthday.

Caregivers still have the option of starting their child any time after they turn five but would need to request this when they signal their intention to enrol.

We are currently not taking international students at Level 2.


Zone Description

Map image sourced from https://nzschools.tki.org.nz/ . You can follow the link, type Nayland Primary in the search box, and get an interactive, more detailed view.

From Songer Street, follow the Railway Reserve to Saxton Road, north east side of Saxton Road from the Railway Reserve to Nayland Road, south east side of Nayland Road from Saxton Road to Aldinga Ave, north east side of Aldinga Ave to Tyree Drive, south east side of Tyree Drive from Aldinga Ave south end to Aldinga Ave north end, both sides of Aldinga Ave from Tyree Drive to Reeves Street, both sides of Reeves Street, south east side of Devon Street from Songer St to Langbein St, both sides of Devon Street from Langbein Street to north end, both sides of Cornwall Place to Leceister Street, follow a route through from Cornwall Place to Thetford Chase (Leceister St include 32, 30 and all sections west, Norwich St include 37, 39 and 45 and all sections west), both sides of Thetford Chase, a line to Exeter Street, include both sides of Exeter Street, Barnham Place and Rosebank Terrace, both sides Nayland Road of from Exeter Street to Whakatu Drive, south east side of Nayland Road from Whakatu Drive to Quarantine Road, south west side of Quarantine Road from Nayland Road to Waimea Road, north west side of Waimea Road / Main Road from Quarantine Road to Arapiki Road, south west side of Arapiki Road from Main Road to The Ridgeway, north west side of The Ridgway from Arapiki Road to 148 The Ridgeway, follow the edge of Green Meadows Park from 148 The Ridgeway to 473 Main Road (north east side), north West side of Main Road from 482 Main Road to Songer Street, north east side of Songer St from Main Road to Railway Reserve. Map image sourced from https://nzschools.tki.org.nz/