Distance Learning

Welcome Nayland Primary School By Distance. We are not aiming to provide 9-3 activities. We are aiming to provide work which will keep your child engaged with learning. The amount of time your child spends online depends on you.

There is no expectation that you try to buy a computer for this to take place. If you can receive an email you can receive the activities many of which do not require a device to complete.

Click the syndicate name to find out how your child's class or syndicate is operating online.

Generally From Year 3-6 Communication is primarily through the Student email and Google account. Other classes use the Seesaw app.

For privacy and internet safety reasons many online activities and links will not work now unless your child is logged into their school account. Please make sure to can get signed in to that. If you can't please get in touch through the troubleshooting link.

We have the facility to run live video meetings via Google Hangouts Meet, either online through meet.google.com, or through the 'Hangouts Meet' App on phone or tablet. Instructions will be sent to students via email prior. This will be available form the start of Term 2, and not all classes will use this option.

If you have issues with logging into student account at home please check the troubleshooting page for tips, and contact our eLearning team by filling in the form at the bottom of that page.

Please be aware that we don't filter your internet connection like we can at school. We have mandatory google safe-search and youtube filtering, but only while students are logged in. We can't see their screens or open tabs.

N4l (Network for Learning) has worked some Magic..If you want to filter the Internet on Your child's device Click here

Keep an eye on things.

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