Distance Learning Activities

Student and Whānau Opportunities for Distance Learning

Our staff has put together a guide to distance Learning which starts today. We trust that they will give you good guidance in a new way of learning!

Family Fun learning Activities

  • For some families who have children across syndicates, we understand that trying to engage in all home learning can bring added stress. As a school we want family well-being to be at the forefront, therefore, this time we have added "Family Fun" learning activities- These learning challenges will be accessible to all ages and can be completed individually, with siblings, or as a whole family. If you choose to engage in these activities they will be in place of syndicate activities.

If you choose to engage in syndicate based learning activities, the activities will consist of:

  • Daily literacy and numeracy learning- completing either a task that is posted daily or selecting from a weekly list of activities.

  • Opportunity to engage in online learning using existing sites and apps such as Studyladder (for years 3-6).

  • Participating in one of 2-3 google meets per week (more of a focus on connection and engagement).

  • Teachers will be available to respond to parent or student emails and to provide feedback on learning.

Whānau Opportunities

  • To enjoy family time eg walks, games, books, talking,

  • To establish a family routine to support distance learning for their children.

  • To connect with their child’s teacher as needed to ask questions, give feedback, request support.

  • To monitor student use on devices by keeping an eye on their screens regularly and

  • To support your child to complete the tasks set daily by the teacher and enjoy other family fun activities. You are not expected to be the teacher, replicate the school day, or find your own resources for your child.

To please remember that many of our teachers will also have their children and partners at home, which will no doubt present some interesting moments as they continue to work from home and care for their children - a true balancing act!!


Rooms 8, 13, 14, 15, 16

  • To engage in activity or activities sent via Seesaw by the class teacher or other family activities

  • To check in with their teacher eg posting on SeeSaw, emailing, sharing learning with their teacher

Menu Choices


Rooms 9, 10, 11, 12

  • To check Seesaw and/or the google drive for their learning tasks..

  • To engage in communication with their teacher via email or join in google meets

  • To engage in learning activities.

Maunga Home Learning 2021


Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7

  • To check their emails when possible and read communication from their teacher for their learning

  • To engage in communication with their teacher via email or join in Google Meets

  • To engage in learning activities.

Family Fun

To engage in learning activities

Make a Hut (1).pdf
Create a Family Time Capsule
Make a reading nest and get caught reading
Your Mission....pdf