Student Led Learning Conversations @ Nayland Primary

July 2020

Why have a Student Led Learning Conversation?

In 2020 our world has been turned upside down with Covid-19 Lockdown and seven weeks away from school. In Term 3 our student led learning conversations are an opportunity for whanau, students and teachers to have conversations to share learning goals, successes and some possible next steps.

In response to our parent survey most people wanted an opportunity to have a discussion with their child’s class teacher.

Student led learning conversations support our vision statements of being a Confident Learner and Achieving Brilliance.

What is a Student Led Learning Conversation?

Each student will lead a conversation with their whanau focusing on their recent learning and progress. During the conversation students will share their learning in different curriculum areas, discuss their learning goals with their teacher present and share online and/or hard copy learning activities with you. Whanau will have an opportunity to complete some activities and ask questions.

Student Led Learning Conversations allow children to take ownership of their learning, enabling them to:

• develop and extend their ability to talk about their learning;

• celebrate what has been learnt with their parents/caregivers;

• clarify what they are learning and assess their own progress;

• reflect on their learning journey.

Student Led Learning Conversations enable whanau/parents to:

• actively and meaningfully support their child in their learning;

• understand what their child is learning and see the progress they are making;

• help children to reach their goals;

• enjoy a rich, learning-oriented conversation with their child;

• understand how their child is taking responsibility for their own learning.

What can you expect during your child’s student led learning conversation?

Conversations lasting up to 30 minutes with several conferences taking place at the same time in your child’s classroom. You only need to stay as long as your conference takes.

Each student having set activities that they will follow and they will be the leader of the conversation.

Parents/whanau being involved in a variety of activities during this time – including looking at samples of learning in their children’s books and/or digital learning spaces, talking about learning goals, looking at other learning around the room and having a five minute conversation with your children’s teachers.

How you can support your child:

Before the conference:

• make sure that everyone who wants to be involved in the conference is invited as your child is only expected to run one learning conversation.

• read through the prompts in this booklet and also the important

information section so that you are ready on the day

During the conference:

Your child’s teacher will greet you and then your child will start their conversation. Bring this booklet with you.

  • Listen to your child sharing their learning.

  • Do the activities together.

  • Talk about how you can help at home.

  • Discuss learning and social progress with your child and their teacher.

You should:

  • prompt to support your child (using prompts in this booklet);

  • enjoy this opportunity to share your child’s learning and see their learning environment;

  • celebrate all achievement with your child and make a comment to show this on their “To Do” sheet.

After the conference:

  • continue to celebrate all achievement and successes and;

  • talk with your child about their learning and their progress.

Parent / Caregiver prompts to support your child :

What were you learning to do in this piece of work?

What were you learning to do here?

What were the steps you went through to learn this?

What/Who helped you to learn this?

How do you know you have learnt this?

What do you need to learn next?

What are you most proud of? Why?

Tell me where you are in … reading / writing / numeracy.

Which area of learning do you find easiest? Why?

Which area of learning do you find trickiest? Why?

What could we do together to help you with this learning?

Important Information

Your child is going to lead the conversation. They will have had time in class to practise and they will have activities to follow.

If, at the last minute, you cannot attend please try and arrange for another person close to your child to do so. Your child, as part of their learning, will have prepared for the conversation and will be looking forward to leading it.

To be fair to your child there should be minimal distractions by younger children in the class while your child is sharing their learning.

The student-led learning conversation should be a positive experience for all parties, especially your child. If, after the conference, you have any concerns or questions please arrange a mutually suitable time with the class teacher, syndicate leader or principal to discuss them.

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