Online School Trouble shooting

Below is a list of things to try to solve the most obvious problems with school Gsuite accounts

Web Browser

The best browser to use for our school gsuite accounts is Google chrome.

although they can work in any browser. Safari, Edge, Firefox.

Username and password incorrect

At school the students only have to type their username to login, eg. john.s and the chromebooks here do the rest. At home students will have to enter their whole email address which is unfortunately long.

eg. or

If you are having trouble please contact the elearning team via the form below. They will respond to the email address on file at school to you...hopefully they match.

The elearning team will be checking form responses constantly during school hours throughout the online school duration.

Check how many Logged in Users

Gsuite, Hapara, and Google classroom will get confused if more than one user is signed in. Either make sure only you child is logged in with their school account, or open an incognito, or private browsing window and log in with their school account.

Computer User account at home

Ideally your child would have their own computer user account if using your home computer. This will allow them to access their school Gsuite account without getting mixed up with family gmail accounts. Chrome can then automatically keep them signed in.

Here are some links to help you do this, if you want to.

Windows 10 based computers allow you to set up child accounts, .

or to add another user without signing in to microsoft set up a standard local account.

Mac computers

Chromebooks only login to one account at a time which keeps things simple.

Ipads, are abit more tricky as students sign into each app. (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Photos free from the app store)

and android tablets are even more tricky as they are usually linked to a home GSuite account completely. but the google play store has the same apps (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Photos)


Most classes using seesaw are already up and running and shouldn't find things too tricky. Please contact your classroom teacher directly with Seesaw issues, or complete the Troubleshooting form and the elearning team will forward as appropriate

Which App do I sign in to?

You can use any web browser on a computer, You could download and install Google Chrome for free from this link

If you are on an ipad, or android tablet the Apps Gmail, Google chrome, Google drive, Google docs, Google sheets, Google slides are all available from the App store or Google play for free

On a Computer or on a tablet browser

start here at gmail

If you already have a gmail account logged in you can add another, but if this is the only gmail account you will use then that keeps things simple