Moana Students will access distance learning in three main ways

1. Teachers will use student email and/or parent emails to share work. So keep an eye on Both. This will explain best how Teachers will run their class online. Check your child can get onto their account.

2. Some students will be using seesaw to receive activities and communicate with their teacher.

3. Most Students will access work via their Google drive, by signing into their school Gsuite accounts. Some teachers will use email or Hapara Workspace to set work. If they are using Hapara Workspace the link for students is, Hapara workspace is just a way to manage work in google drive, and not all teachers will be using it.

Most students will be already competent at logging in and already have had contact from their teacher either through student email, parent email, or Seesaw. If not they will in the very near future.

Check the trouble-shooting page if you are having difficulty logging in and fill in a form if you need help.

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