Update Thursday 13 August

Just a few messages about Level 2 at school.

- we further developed our systems to ensure we are ready to hand out devices to students who need them should our region go into Alert Level 3.

- Thank you for dropping off and picking up your children from the gate each day. We will do this next week as well as an extra precaution.

- Reminder that Breakfast Club is not operating this week. I will update this information if that changes.

- Children should not be at school until 8.25am. If your children can not stay home until then please remind them to go to the Room 6 next and maintain one metre distancing. This really means stay away from other people.

- There will be no school assembly on Friday.

- Please talk with your children about being resilient. This is our school value this term and very appropriate given our current Covid situation. Being resilient means that we will keep on with our learning and keep positive in the things that we are doing. Please talk about hand hygiene and social distancing and talk about keeping up their great effort and attitude and reassure them that we are all working together to keep safe.

- Unless unwell with a cold or the flu or flu like symptoms everyone should be at school. If you are unsure please ring the Healthline, 0800 611 116.

If we can support you in anyway please email me or your child's teacher or call the office.

Nga mihi


Update Wednesday 12 August 1:22pm

Nga mihi

At school Alert level 2 means:

- Strong handwashing/sanitizing procedures

- I metre social distancing where possible

- Playgrounds can be used

- More regular cleaning of surfaces

- Parents dropping off and picking up students from the gate

- Parents/whanau maintain 2 metre social distancing with people they don’t know.

- Download and use the Covid-19 Tracing app. This app allows you to use the QR code at each place you visit so now is a great time to start using this!

- No Canteen until we return to alert Level 1

- No Breakfast Club until we return to Level 1

- Support your child/dren to maintain one metre social distancing at school and 2 metre social distancing in the community

- Reassure your children that we are taking precautions, listen to their concerns and share what you know at an age appropriate level.

Remember, we don’t need to panic, we have successfully coped at level 2 before! We CAN do this! If we can support you or your family in any way please phone or email us.


To check the Ministry of Health website directly go to